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A Guide on How To Choose a Decent Quality Window Installer

Windows are fantastic. They are amazing because they can change the atmosphere within the home in a wide variety of ways. It is easy to tell the difference between a home with windows and without. That is to say that the atmosphere is different; it is not as cheery or as welcoming. On the contrary, it can be dark and gloomy.

It is a joy to let the sun in and look outside and see the greenery or the outside in general. Many people may have flowers or some vegetation outside of their houses and properties. It can feel great looking at this fauna and flora and the general activity outside.

Indeed, new or replacement windows can make a significant change within your house.

Hiring a quality window installer will ensure the installation is done right, and your window will work just as it should. However, there are many window installers, so making the right decision on the best window installer in Littleton, CO, can be challenging.

Whether you are looking for double-hung windows, windows that align with your entry doors, a bow window, or more in the Colorado Springs area, remember that our premier home improvement company is here for you. We understand the value of professional services and pay attention to detail on matters ranging from energy-efficient aspects to ensuring the best customer service in Littleton, CO.

Our team at Rocky Ridge Exteriors understands all your windows mean a great deal to you and those you live within your Littleton CO home. Whether you are looking for window replacements, window frame options, or if you have other window-related home project needs, we are sure to do an excellent job.

This guide will give you some tips to ensure you get your window installation right with any window installation company you choose. The tips here also apply to companies that sell windows.

How to Hire the Right Window Installer

There are three main ingredients to look out for when hiring a window installer. These are:

  • Skill

  • Experience

  • Knowledge

You can’t tell if a window installation service has those ingredients by merely looking at their advertising material.

If you are in the Denver Metro area, you want to make sure to think about a wide variety of factors when it comes to your window replacement needs. You may want to compare prices, look at energy-efficient windows, spruce up your old windows, look at window doors, or see how to deal with the various types of glass.

There are many factors to think about regarding windows, doors, and more.

That is why we are here to help.

Want the best window installer in your area? Follow these tips.

Hire only established window installers

It is easy for anyone to set up a window installation shop these days. While some new entrants have the skill and experience, most of them may be in it for the short term. There is nothing wrong with those that want to be in it for the short term. The only issue is that a business should be around to provide targeted care and assistance for clients who have window-related needs.

Home renovation is a booming market, and many new business entities might want their slice of the pie without delivering excellent service or long-term care in the Denver area.

That is why you should avoid those entities without enough skin in the game. It would help if you only worked with services with at least five years’ experience in the home improvement sector. Five years is a long enough time to give you an idea of what the company does and how they do it.

It also tells you that this company is interested in sticking around in the Littleton, CO, area for a while.

If a business is still standing and has a good reputation after five years, then you can consider them for the job.

They may also offer a free consultation session. If that is the case, you can learn more about them, their repairs, their previous customers, and how they interact with their clients in Littleton, CO.

Check the experience of the installation crew

It’s one thing for a window installation service to be in business for five years. But it is another for their crew members to have five years of window installation experience. You should pass if the established company you consider has more recruits than experienced installers.


It is the crew that installs the windows and not the company. Essentially, the crew is the company.

We are all for giving people a chance, but rookie mistakes can cost you a lot. That is why the experience of the crew members matters. Before you hire a window installer, ask about the experience of the members of the team.

One or two new members on the crew are okay. But if most or half of the team are recruits, move to the next established window installation company on your list.

If you are looking for an excellent match when it comes to your replacement window jobs, reach out to our team at Rocky Ridge Exteriors. We are pleased to provide you with a professional team that can certainly replace your windows, repair windows, and help design a great space for you to enjoy your pleasant windows in the future.

If it’s too cheap to be good, it isn't good

Unreliable window installers stay in business by offering low estimates if you choose to hire them on the spot. Many customers get carried away by these low estimates, so they fail to do background checks.

The result: low-quality installation. In a short time, they will be dealing with any or all of the following:

  • Badly installed frames

  • Drafty windows

  • Broken seals

  • Air gaps in windows

Any service that compensates for their last skill and experience with ridiculously low estimates isn't worth your time and money.

Our team at Rocky Ridge Exteriors has a different outlook for siding and other services in Littleton, CO. If you are looking for help with fantastic services in Littleton, CO, schedule an appointment with us today. We are pleased to provide you with a complete quote for your windows and doors.

Ignore the marketing hype

Many window installers use big-sounding messages to entice you. Some of them include special discounts and various offers. All of these are simply to draw your attention.

In some cases, you might think that you may miss out if a quality window installer isn’t offering these incentives. In reality, any reputable window installation service will give you a competitive estimate based on the quality and scope of your project.

Keep your eyes only on those that can do a good job. When you are assured of quality service, you can compare pricing.

Listen to what others have to say

Getting a list of window installers in your area is easy. You can ask those in your social circle or make an internet search. From there, you will select the ones you can be sure will provide excellent service.

How do you tell if a window installer will provide excellent service? By how they delivered on previous jobs.

Use online resources such as Google reviews, The Better Business Bureau, and Yelp to see what their previous clients have to say about work done for them. Skip installation companies that have less than 20 ratings. If almost all the window installers in your area have less than 20 ratings, focus on those with more good reviews than bad.

Even the best installation companies will have a few bad reviews. This is because you can’t please everyone. However, ensure the overall rating is at least a 4 out of 5. This means they have consistently delivered excellent service.

If you find issues in the reviews that bother you, reach out to the company. The legitimate ones will be happy to take your questions.

Ensure They are Licensed and Insured (Bonded is a great advantage)

A license shows they have the basic requirements and comply with local building codes.

Insurance protects you from liability if one of their crew members gets injured on your property. It also covers the replacement cost if anything is damaged while the company works on your property.

Working with a bonded business assures you that the project will be completed even if the company goes out of business with no additional cost to you.

Bonus tip: Hire windows installers that have installed the brand of windows you want on your property. This will ensure proper installation and minimize the risks of damages.

Reach Out to Rocky Ridge Exteriors For Your Interior and Exterior Repair Needs

Have a specific window type in mind? Give us a call today. We are experts in all kinds of window installations.

Rocky Ridge Exteriors is located in Castle Rock, CO. We take pride in serving our local community and surrounding areas. Honest, friendly, fast, and reliable, our professional team is up for every job, managing Siding, Roofing, Painting, Concrete, Window, & Door projects with the skill and expertise our clients expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our top priority.

Contact us to learn more about how our incredible staff can help you!

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