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Never want to paint your house again? are some solutions...

Updated: Jan 12, 2019


One of the most frequent questions we get from homeowners is "What do I need to do so that I never have to paint my house again?". Never is a long time, but there are exterior solutions for your home that can reduce the need to paint for very long time.

Depending on what climate you live in, the integrity of the color of your house will be solely determined by the material that you use. There are several options available that would exhaust the reader - so I have limited it to three options that will work great here in the Front Range of Colorado.


You never have to paint vinyl siding...ever! Another advantage is price! Vinyl siding is the most cost effective option for the exterior of your home. Coming in a rainbow of colors, a good quality vinyl will last up to 20 years without fading, is easy keep clean, and with Colorado's frequent hail storms can be resistant to high velocity impacts.

There are several manufacturers of vinyl siding, but the one that stands out is ProVia's CedarMax. CedarMax is Consumer Reports #1 pick for quality, reliability and value. With increased thickness and with foam backing that has a 2.4 R-value, it is has 5 times more impact resistance than regular vinyl siding, and has insulating properties that can reduce your energy bill up to 20%.


Engineered wood is quickly becoming the premier choice for siding above vinyl and fiber.

This is due to it's durability, curb appeal, weather and pest resistance. It is highly impact resistant, and with resin and chemical treatments will withstand any insect attack. With most products available pre-primed, applying a good quality paint will last 15-20 years.

Diamond Kote - is a painting process using LP SmartSide engineered wood siding - Diamond Kote's paint (color of your choice) is applied during the manufacturing process that is guaranteed against fading for 30 years . On top of that guarantee is one that backs the material itself for 50 years! You may only need to put siding on your house once in your lifetime...and paint it twice!


Hardie board, or fiber cement siding comes in a variety of styles and colors. It is not as 'hardy' against impact as engineered wood, but is better than vinyl. It has the look of wood siding, and is weather and rot resistant. Expansion and contraction (that are issues with vinyl and wood) do not affect Hardie board as much.

As for painting, Hardie board comes pre-primed (similar to engineered wood), and with a good quality paint it can last up to 15 years. So, not quite as long as engineered wood, but comparable.

These are three options that will provide you, as a homeowner, less painting and less maintenance - while still maintaining a beautiful home exterior.

At Rocky Ridge Exteriors we are dedicated to helping you make your home beautiful. Contact us today if your home is in need of some TLC, and talk to us about how we can help you so you'll never have to paint your house again!

Call us today! 303-876-7651

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