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Vinyl Siding? Really?...Yes, really.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Vinyl siding has received a bad rap over the last 30 years...but that is all over now!


Vinyl siding was first invented and introduced in the 1950s as an alternative to aluminium siding - that's right aluminium siding. I wasn't around in the 50's so I can't say what kind of excitement surrounded the release of vinyl siding, but I can say that even today the excitement is somewhat muted. It was the 1980s when vinyl really 'took off' and became a standard option for newly built homes. It was inexpensive, easy to manufacture and simple to install, but there wasn't much excitement about vinyl siding...until now! There are are some truly exciting advances that have been made recently that not only make vinyl a viable option...but a preferred choice.

Today's vinyl siding can easily last 15-20 years, and the higher quality vinyl will last 20-30 years. The increase in longevity is due to the increase in durability, better color technology, and innovative insulation qualities


A good quality vinyl will be at least .45 mm thick (for the metric challenged folk - that is approx 1/64th of an inch). Higher quality vinyl will be up to .54 mm thick. What does a thick vinyl siding mean? It means higher impact resistance against hail, baseballs, rocks, meteorites, etc... Actually, I don't think vinyl is meteorite resistance...unless of course if the meteorite is travelling slower than 70 mph, smaller than a quarter and is not blazing hot...then it would be meteorite resistant. The Super Polymer material used in vinyl today has higher impact resistance when cold, and is more malleable when warm.


There are more colors available in vinyl than colors in a rainbow! Seriously, if you can dream it up, it can be done. Plus with new colors such as blended formulas and stains it is possible to get a look on your house you never thought possible. And the beautiful thing about vinyl siding? You never have to paint it! There is color technology available now that will hide blemishes from impacts. So if you do end up whacking your vinyl siding, it will look like nothing happened.


Not only can you get traditional horizontal siding - you can now also get vinyl siding in the shape of cedar shakes both staggered and rough-sawn, along with scalloped shaped shakes are available. The Board and Batten look is also available in vinyl. They are even making vinyl siding in the shape of stone work - but you might want to give that a while to mature. Bottom line - there are many options when choosing a vinyl siding for your home. If you can dream it up, most likely it can be done.


Insulated Vinyl Siding...Yes, I just said insulated vinyl siding. Quick fact - did you know wall studs make up 25% of the outside surface of your home? The reason that is so 'interesting' is that it is the equivalent of having one entire wall of your home un-insulated! With insulated vinyl siding (I know, genius right!) you can reduce your home energy costs by 20%! That is pretty significant. Insulated vinyl siding has an average R-value of 2.5 (by comparison the next best siding is wood with an R-value of .80). Plus the insulation provides additional impact resistance - 5 x more resistance than un-insulated siding. So now vinyl siding can be looked at as an investment into your home - making it more energy efficient!

Vinyl siding is no longer the only option when cost is a limiting factor in upgrading or building a home. Vinyl siding is now a premium choice for your home. With custom design qualities and custom paint color you can make your home beautiful, and have outstanding curb appeal. And while you are doing this you will increase the efficiency and durability of your home.

If vinyl siding sounds like an option you would like to choose for your home, give us a call at 303-876-7651 and we will come and discuss all of your options - and let us help you make your house feel more like home.

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